Love. Bliss. Eternity.

My eyes have stopped searching because I can honestly say - my heart has found exactly what it has been looking for...

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What is Love?

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Those Moments

And right now, my mind's just half full of negative thoughts, and thinking about them when I'm doing something will only make me accomplish nothing.

The Dual Persona

Okay. So for that big picture, I’m that two-toned kind of person.

Ending My Agony

And I’m reading all these with my own surgery happening 14 hours from now. Great. I got to sleep. (if i can sleep.) I prayed.

i wanna wear your sweatshirt to bed.. watch scary movies with you.. chat on skype 'till you fall asleep.. sneak out at night to look at the stars with you.. laugh until my stomach aches.. hold hands.. build a fort and have snowball fights.. sit in front of the fireplace and talk about life.. i want to fall in love with you.. over and over again..