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    Posted on January 2, 2013 by P-May in Live.


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    Happy New Year!!!! Yeah, I know it’s a little late, but well, as a part of my 2013 resolution, I had to do first things first. And that is? The laundry. Uhm, yeah, I had been too lazy to do it the last two weeks.So there, I washed a total of 28 blouses, 2 dresses, 1 sweater, 2 towels, 12 pants, 5 skirts and 10 shorts. Playing little miss Cinderella at the start of the year! 😛

    So, how did you guys meet 2013? (If somebody out there does get to stumble upon my little cyber sanctuary.) Hope nobody got their fingers avulsed. But I bet it had been a tummy party like we had at home. This certain new year celebration was nothing grand, no complicated asthma-triggering fireworks, no hypercholesterolemic foods. The only good thing is that our family is complete, and somehow, despite a lot of not-so-good-things happening within and around us, we still managed to get along and be happy even just for that certain night.

    Somehow, I feel so enthusiastic about this new year. 2013. The number 13 has always been lucky for me, and I’m just optimistic this year won’t be any exemption. I was frantically excited when my mama found this dress inside one of the boxes upstairs while doing the last general cleaning before the start of the year. It was a lucky red dress made even luckier by the white polka dots in it – I was so thrilled I wore it the hour before the start of the year, until the rest of January 1, haha!! Whatever’s on your mind, I know right! But nothing’s gonna stop my newfound optimism for the whole new 12-month period. Period! ^_^

    And as part of a new and better life ahead, I’ve decided to change the appearance of my blogsite. If you haven’t been a previous visitor, here was how it looked like:

    2012 theme 1

    2012 theme 2

    If you noticed, it’s some kind of a minimalist design, and I liked it because it’s basically just a black and white design. I love black and white. Because that’s me, kinda contradicting. But I thought of going more subtle and a little less bold (with the black), putting some touch of a few colours, adding life to it, and yet keeping the simplicity which is more of my personality. I just feel bad that I wasn’t able to save the code for the flag counter so I needed to generate a new one. I already had 900+ pageviews from 27 countries, and now I’m back to zero! Wuhuhu! Oh well, starting anew, going to get better, that’s all that matters. 😉

    Well I’m adding a little something to every blog that I post from now on. Since I said I wanted to inspire possible readers out there, I’m going to conclude all posts with anything from quotes, songs, videos, pictures, or even something I’ve learned for the day that I feel may somehow bear a profound impact into your hearts and minds. And for today? I’ve learned:

    Never assume. Never expect.No matter how promising things may seem to be, it is always better to keep your hopes low. Aside from being able to practice the virtue of humility, you’ll find that it becomes a little less painful, because you become a little less disappointed. You may be an integral part of the society you live in, a significant other to the people you deal with and even care for, BUT, it will never be always about you. Learn to appreciate how small you are. It’s not belittling, it’s more of realizing and prioritizing the happiness of others above yours. It’s called selflessness. It’s called growing up.

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