• Part 2 of the Come Back!

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    2nd. Hello Hawaii!! This is my first out of the country adventure and I’m in the Aloha State! How cool is that? 🙂 My auntie met me at the Arrival area with a beautiful lei that matched my outfit! We really bonded during my 3-day stay, I feel like I have to write about that in a different post. Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do! 🙂


    5th. Bye Hawaii and hello Alaska – my new home!! My husband welcomed me soooo soooo very warmly, gosh! I’m speechless! LOL. My family/friends who know about the story might probably laugh. I’m not gonna tell anything more than that. 😛 I came to the state at the perfect time, summer’s just getting started, so I have a lot of time to adjust to the cold winter weather. And of course, the reunion of me and my husband deserves a special separate post! ^_^


    7th. Went to Social Security office to apply for a SSN.

    8th. Registered to Pearson Vue for the NCLEX-RN examination.

    9th. Scheduled my examination on July 13. 13 because it’s Saturday, my husband’s day off from work, and well, believe me when I say it’s my lucky number!

    13th. SSN/card issued!

    20th.  Applied for and got my Alaska State ID ^_^


    photo from   https://online.dmv.alaska.gov/DMVMailInRenewal/Images/adlht.jpg


    some time mid-May. Received my greencard! CR1 since I got here in the states before our 2nd year of marriage.


    photo from    http://www.uscis.gov/uscis/images/nativeimages/PRC_Back_Front.JPG



    9th. The start of my every-Sunday review class for NCLEX-RN exam conducted by the Philippine Nurses’ Association – Alaska (PNAAK) nurses. I learned about this the Sunday before, when my husband, mom-in-law and I went to China Lights for dinner after the Sunday mass. Mom-in-law’s friends were also there, and after minutes of acquaintance, they (the friends) informed us of the said review class. How lucky could I get? ^_^ I finally met a number of Filipino nurses that day, I feel like being a nurse again! LOL!

    The review class was an informal one, inside the lounge of the surgery center where one of our lecturers work 🙂


    photo from the PNAAK facebook page

    So basically, the whole of June was spent mostly on reviews.. I’ve got to pass!!!! No excuses!!



    13th. This is it! I studied real hard, and prayed even harder! I got up at 6 in the morning, took shower, put on something neat-looking to wear, had breakfast, and off we went to the testing center. Hubby dropped me off and of course, what’s a good luck without a kiss? 😉


    16th. Went to DMV to try the driver’s test for the first time and guess what??? I passed it!! Whoah!! Got my permit which looked exactly the same as my state ID, only it says “Instructional Driver Permit” below my address. Proud ME!!!!

    And finally, I had the courage to check my NCLEX results online. I should’ve had it the day before but I was sooo scared I flunked it, as I really had a hard time answering the questions. And for the second time, guess what??? I passed!!! Oh-em-geeee!!! This day was definitely a double win for me! Praise God!! ^_^



    26th. Got a call from my family in the Philippines about a mail they received from Alaska Division of Professional Licensing, and that’s when it hit me.. I TOTALLY FORGOT TO UPDATE THEM OF MY CHANGE OF ADDRESS!!! That was sooooo – I don’t wanna say the word! lol.. But gosh!! I’ll definitely update them real soon!



    3rd. I finally received the package my family sent me. Now I have my official US nurse license and certificate in my hands, woohoo!! I might say my Philippine license and certificate were far better though.. 😉



    So presently, I’m officially job-hunting, and I really wish I’d get one in a nice hospital soon.. I’m itching to practice my nursing profession again and oh well, hubby can’t wait to finally split the bills with me! LOL!

    So good luck to me! And be writing again soon.. ^_^


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