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    Posted on September 20, 2012 by P-May in My Life.

    Yep, that’s my nickname. The one which defeated Femy, Payme, Pimyang, Peemots, Pimus, Immi, and all other aliases my crazier species of friends have come up with.

    I really don’t know how to describe myself in full detail. Blame those slumbooks my gradeschool buddies used to let me sign, having just a small space for the “describe yourself” part, which I would annoyingly fill up with the overused “judge me na lang!” – a memory which still makes me smile though. ^_^

    Okay. So for that big picture, I’m that two-toned kind of person.

    Loud – I’m crazy when I’m crazy! I could crack just the most hilarious joke at the funniest moments. I’m unable to accomplish that task too often though, ‘coz I end up laughing too hard I already can’t deliver the punchline effectively – just imagine the frustrated-annoyed looks at my buddies’ faces! Epic! Haha! Well, also loud in a way that I express my thoughts and emotions in a wide array of ways – dancing, singing, drawing, writing, picture editing, cooking – it’s endless.

    Quiet – I play the listener role better than the speaker, the reason i think, why my ears outnumber my mouth. Uhm yeah, people may find me boring, =P but hey, i just love learning more about them, not only by what they say, but also in reading between the lines and looking through their body language.

    Pessimistic – It happens, paranoia also strikes in. Come on, scientific process! Got a problem? Hypothesize, gather materials/info, observe, analyze, conclude. Ain’t that easy? Coz in this world half full of shit, I don’t just use five senses, i add up a sixth – which happens to be the “common”.

    Optimistic – Most of the time. I owe it to my better spiritual self. I keep calm, stay focused and portray my role the best way I could. I tend to look at the whole picture, go futuristic, and remind myself that everything happens for a reason. I make up a whole bunch of reasons and probabilities inside my head, and say nothing THAT bad could go wrong. Not even the end of the world – when life finally defeats death.

    Simple – Because less is more. Complications no more.

    Ambitious – Because to dream is free. And to live them I can.

    I could list a hundred more contradicting adjectives that talk about me.. but of course your time’s too precious to be spent on a lot more Antonym 101 lessons – you’ve already wasted 2 minutes to have reached here. Congratulations! Hehe. Well here comes the punchline:

    Like the Yin-Yang principle, I use both the white and black elements of my personality, blending them in just a perfect harmony, to create the best P-May I choose to be.

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