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    Hello again blog!


    Okay. I know. I’ve abandoned you for like 5 months now and I feel guilty about it. That’s why this come back. And I’ve got so much to share, I hope it compensates, I hope it makes you proud of your writer.. ^_^

    Note1: This post isn’t one of my usual feature/dramatic/flowery articles. Just plain presentation of the awesome goodies!



    7th.      After a year and 2 months of hopeful waiting and praying, the NVC finally emailed me my P4/Interview Appointment! And I feel like I owe my sister an apology for having received countless excited and blissful slappings and shakings and screamings from me! 😀

    12th.    Papa and I went to Manila to have my Medical Exam at SLMCEC. I swear I was anxious about what my chest X-ray result’s gonna be. You see I’d been working at the Medical/CD Ward, also handling PTB patients almost every working day for an entire 3 years. But I”m sooo blessed, I’m negative for it! I got my vaccines (3 shots, not so good) the next day, and yeah! – I’m cleared!

    2013-03-12 06.32.51

    2013-03-12 08.56.57

    2013-03-12 08.56.12


    Note2: I wanted to write an update about my milestone, but wordpress was having technical problems that time, I thought I almost lost my entire blogsite. The problem got fixed only after around 2months.



    4th.     The much anticipated, yet dreaded US Embassy interview. I’ve heard and read so much stories about applicants being denied of their visas, I prayed unlimited I’m one of the lucky exceptions. As always, I had my Papa with me, and I’ll be forever grateful for his support and patience in accompanying me during my significant Manila trips. Being in line since 4AM, we finally got inside the building after 2hours. And more hours of waiting inside, fingerprint scans, preliminary interview, and the main interview with the Consul. And at last. “Congratulations, your visa has been approved!” I was screaming and jumping inside! Babe, here I come!

    No digital/electronic devices were allowed inside, so sorry – no photos. I did update my facebook status right away though 🙂


    (April 3 – Phil/US time difference ^_^)


    10th.    My 2GO packet (my official visa!) came in! It’s official!!!


    (photo from www.visajourney.com)


    The whole of the month was spent mainly on two things. Preparing and packing for the stateside move, and spending quality time with the family. I also spent my 27th birthday with them, and guess what? we forgot to take pictures!! how on earth?? LOL! Oh well, no big celebrations, just the family and a few neighbors, everything was good, quality time with them. It’s all that matters.. ^_^



    2nd. It’s buh-bye time. Sniff! We left the province so early in the morning. I remember we we’re listening to this radio station inside the van and then suddenly the DJ read a bon voyage message from a guy to his sister, I realized, that was my brother’s message to me, JR confirmed! Aaaww.. My heart was getting pinched that time.. We spent a couple of hours at the NAIA parking lot. I was listening to my parents’ pieces – no – bunches of advice – I feel like I need to spend more time with them even though I know we had been praying for this for a long long time now. I hugged and kissed everyone goodbye – no crying or sobbing though, i guess the crowd prevented the drama.. hhmm.. so yeah, bye Philippines for now.. and hello Hawaii!…


    (next post soon…)

    (suspense??? LOL)

    (well can I eat first? it’s WWn in my stomach!)




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