• Happy Valetine’s Day! From My Heart to Yours

    Posted on February 14, 2013 by P-May in Love.



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    If you are my friend or subscriber on Facebook, perhaps you already know how I love music. I do covers, mostly unpublished and hidden somewhere in my C: hehe, a few posted on FB. This 2013 Hearts’ Day, I’ve practiced and come up with guitar tabs of one of my favorite love songs. Why my favorite? Because I love acoustic, and I love Twilight! Yup, it’s A THOUSAND YEARS by Christina Perri. I might upload a video of me performing this exclusively here on my site, but maybe later. I’m determined to lovingly show it to my husband first. ^_^

    I’m sorry, I’m not a pro with these guitar thingies, so please bear with amateur-ity of the tab and the instructions below. If you’ve tried it and found my version cool, please let me know. It’ll bring a lightyear wide smile on my face ^_____________________^ LOL. Peace guys! Happy hearts’ day! XO

    a thousand years 1


    a thousand years 2

    a thousand years 3


    a thousand years 4


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