• Going British or Aussie? The IELTS Decision

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    Choosing between the two isn’t really a major factor which will affect your scores. They both administer the tests in the same manner and score examinees’ outputs using the same general guidelines. You can search information regarding the two in the internet and find all the basic things you need to know:
    British Council
    IDP Australia
    This article however, might perhaps give you a better idea and help you decide on which to give a shot. I’ve always found others’ personal experiences and insights helpful, so who knows? Mine might have the same effect on you. 😉 Be it known, however, that my posts under this section may not be as thorough as I want it to be since I’m plainly relying on my memory from 3 years ago (particularly for the British Council), though I’ll try my hardest to give you the important details.

     British Council (Mar 2010)  IDP Australia (Jan 2013)
     Application/Registration form submitted (via HealthForce1 Review Center) form submitted (via Brainstorm Review Center)
     Testing Fee P8,640.00

    • P8,986.00 (presently)
     Notification/Confirmation letter (with exam schedules/venues)

    • included details regarding free online practice test.
    e-mail (with exam schedules/venues)

    • included instructions on what things to bring aside from the ID
     Speaking Test Date a day before the written exam, morning a day before the written exam, afternoon
     Speaking Test Venue Veniz Hotel Burnham Suites
     Registration Written/Manual Digital (Fingerprint + Photo capturing); you also get IELTS-stamped on your wrist
     Interviewer British male (early 40’s) Filipino male (mid 20’s)
    Written Exam (Listening, Reading and Writing) Time 8AM Registration (Manual)9AM-12NN 8AM Registration (Digital + IDP stamp on your wrist)9AM-12NN
    Seat Label Untitled  Untitled
    Bladder Break Procedure Surrender passport/ID to a proctor at the door, then get it back before entering. Surrender passport/ID to a proctor at the door, then have your index finger digitally scanned for “exit”. Rescan before entering, show your stamped wrist, get your passport/ID.
    Proctors/Facilitators More presentable and accommodating. Stricter.
    Seating Arrangement Facing the door (more distracting whenever someone comes in/goes out) Away from the door (better.)
    Plus Points
    • Sharpener is accessible in front. A facilitator is more than willing to even sharpen your pencil for you.


    • Eraser is provided, already at your table. Facilitators will provide you with additional pencil during the writing test, even without being asked to.
    • More organized system
    • With free snack (pancit) at the end of the exam. LOL

    Note: My description of the British Council’s testing system is 3 years old, developments might have already occurred. Any changes that the latest examinees might have experienced, please feel free to comment or even message me so I can make the necessary corrections/additions. Thank you!

    Well my eyes are drooping now, will post the more detailed experience with each IELTS administrators tomorrow. (If I’m not busy) 😉


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