• Getting My Credentials Evaulated (CGFNS-CES)

    Posted on August 8, 2013 by P-May in Nursing.


    Part of my application with the Alaska Board of Nursing is to have my credentials evaluated by a recognized authority. Since I didn’t get my degree from an American institution, I had to prove that my educational standards meet theirs. Hence my experience with the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools – CGFNS. I decided to write an article about this just in case there are foreign (outside US) nurse grads who are planning to get it done or struggling with their NCLEX-RN and state BON application with a specific requirement about credentials evaluation who might need a little help.

    1. So after making sure that the BON in the state where I wanted to apply at (Alaska) does require the CES, I went to the CGFNS website and clicked on the “Credentials Evaluation Service” tab.


    It’s going to display a detailed explanation of what the service is, as well as differentiate the professional from the academic report. I’m for the professional report, which is what the BON needs. Next, I started the online application by creating an account.


    After a few more clicks, I was able to reach this part…


    I provided all the needed information. Then, I received an email verification, with theΒ  instructions to click on the link given, bringing me to the log in page. Once already logged in to my account, I’d been asked to upload my passport-size photo.


    After successfully uploading, I chose “Purchase services from CGFNS International”, and then clicked on the “Credentials Evaluation Services”. This was the time when I started supplying them with infos regarding my educational background and nursing license/s.

    The fee that I needed to pay for the CES was $335 – that was august 2012. And yes, that’s a LOT of money! But you know what’s more shocking? As of this writing the fee has gone up to $350. Sorry about that. But I guess you guys just have to move quickly, if you don’t want to pay some more – we just don’t know when they’re changing their minds and increasing the fee again.

    Now it was time to download some forms:

    1. Request for Academic Records/Transcripts form – After accomplishing the first part of this form, I submitted this to my school’s college of nursing. I also requested a copy of my official transcripts which will be sent to the CGFNS along with this form. It was just unfortunate that even though this was an office to office transaction, I still had to pick them up after 1 week (really depends on how fast – in my case, how slow – your school is in processing papers) and made sure everything was in an officially sealed and stamped envelope, and just mailed it myself.



    2. Request for Validation of License/Registration/Diploma form – For this one, I went to PRC Baguio and had them fill this out. Good thing, unlike my school, they do the mailing of the document to the CGFNS themselves so I didn’t have to worry about going back there – La Union to Baguio is like a 3-hour commute – I can’t afford any more expenses! It just depends on which courier you choose for them to use: of course, the cheaper the fee, the longer it takes for CGFNS to receive it. I have to commend the PRC Baguio staff for handling my papers fast, I received a message from them the very next day, with the tracking number of the said package. Just one day in their office!! ^_^



    The next thing I had to do was to obtain a certified copy of my high school diploma. This was the very first document that the CGFNS is going to receive directly from me.



    I was always updated about the status of my papers through emails. Every time they received a certain document, I was notified right away. The same is said whenever they still needed some more documents, and they actually specified which those were.


    So 1 month after I paid for the said service fee and sent out all the necessary documents and forms, I got the ultimate response from the CGFNS:



    So I’m done with my IELTS, and CGFNS-CES… It’s time for the main NCLEX-RN processing!!! ^_^

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  1. rachelle says:

    hello! how are you doing now? i’m currently processing my ces application..the high school diploma should be a true copy from school or a photocopy should be enough? thanks!

  2. P-May says:

    Hello Rachelle! T’m good, working as a RN here in Anchorage now, thanks for asking. How are you? I submitted a notarized photocopy of my HS diploma. How are you doing with your papers?

  3. Christina Hilario says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this article!!! Hirap na hirap po ako sa initial steps pero everything is so clear to me now. Anyway, kinda the same question with the one above po: ok lang ba kung photocopy lang ng HS diploma?

  4. neil says:


    I find your blog very very helpful. I just want to ask. Have you processed CGFNS and IELTS first before submitting an application form to the BON of your state? or apply pay first submit the application form to the BON and process CGFNS, IELTS and send the results to BON? please help me thanks.

  5. Hannah says:

    is it ok to send all the application forms even without cgfns id? thanks πŸ™‚

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  7. Alyssa Jean says:

    hi ms precious may. i just have a question regarding po sa CES. how long did it take before you got your att after mareceive ng BON lahat? Thanks!

  8. P-May says:

    Hi Christina!! I think you cannot just submit an ordinary copy of any of your documents, baka ireject nila, especially it’s international transaction. I had mine notarized just to be sure πŸ™‚ Thanks for appreciating this blog! Makes me happy πŸ™‚

  9. P-May says:

    Hello Neil! I’m so happy to hear that I’m able to help you guys out.. First of all with which state are you applying for? I suggest you finish your CGFNS-CES and IELTS first (if they do require it) before applying for NCLEX/registering with BON. That’ll make the whole process run smoothly πŸ™‚

  10. P-May says:

    Miss Hannah, I don’t think you have to wait for the CGFNS ID before sending them the completed forms/documents. As long as you’ve done the initial online registration and paid the fee, you can download the forms and start sending those papers πŸ™‚

  11. P-May says:

    Hi Vigrx! Thank you for noticing! πŸ™‚ Those DIY websites/blogs helped a lot πŸ™‚

  12. P-May says:

    Hi Alyssa Jean! What about CES that you wanted to know? As with the NCLEX application, i received their email about having all my papers bound for review end of January, and received an email of approval early April, so I’d say around 2months of waiting, not bad πŸ™‚

  13. xandie says:

    hi precious may, I also graduated in Baguio. Anyway,thanks for this blog. it helps us a lot. i just wanted to ask if you also passed the result of your IELTS to CGFNS? Did you register for CES before you took your IELTS? how long does it take? thank you so much!!!!

  14. P-May says:

    hi xandie! if I remember it right, meron yatang space during the CGFNS registration where I had to fill in my IELTS number, so I recommend you take your IELTS first before the CES application. I think it took around 1 month from the registration/payment of fees to sending docs/correspondences up to the approval. Good luck on your application! ‘Sang state ka pala apply? ^_^

  15. Leila says:

    Hi, Ms. Precious May. I’d like to ask what surname did you used when you applied CGFNS? I’m puzzled if I’m going to used my married name or single name when doing account for CGFNS . They might confuse if I will use my married name hence my documents from the Philippines would be on my single name. Any piece of advice? I’m already here in US since last year and got married. This blog is very informative.

  16. Filipina says:

    Hi Ms. Precious May. Thanks a lot of your blog. I would like to ask some advice from you. I had graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Philippines last 2009 and I did not take the License Exam in Philippines because I had migrated in the States immediately after my graduation. I am currently living in Arizona and I wanted to take the NCLEX, but I could not get it here in Arizona because they need a nursing license in Philippines and I don’t have it. I only have my nursing degree in Philippines. I am willing to move to other States to take my NCLEX. Can you give me an advice?. I am thinking of going to California, but I have read and searched in the web that they required refreshing course since the law has been changed recently. My next step is to evaluate my Transcript of Records and I am going to contact the BON in California.

  17. aldrich says:

    Hi, Ms. Precious. ask ko lang po, after nila ma-recieve yung first documents ko, (payment voucher,Application ETC) ilang months po ang total para magka ATT? thank you!

  18. P-May says:

    Hi Aldrich! Based on my experience, around 4 months. But that was because I needed to retake my IELTS in the middle of my application because it has expired already. So perhaps it wouldn’t take much longer, given your requirements are complete. πŸ™‚

  19. P-May says:

    Hello there Filipina! Honestly I don’t know anything about the NCLEX application/process in all the other States aside from here in Alaska. But yeah, just contact their BON first so you have an idea about other requirements they might need especially since you’re a foreign grad. Keep me posted about your application πŸ™‚

  20. P-May says:

    Thanks Leila! ^_^ Just use your married name. That’s what I did too even if my other documents were with my maiden name. I didn’t have any problem with it.

  21. Richelle says:

    Hi, how are you? I’m trying to have my credentials evaluated for nclex but I don’t know which type of evaluation should I get if it is professional or academic.


  22. P-May says:

    Hello Richelle, I’m good!
    I did the Professional report for my NCLEX application πŸ˜‰

  23. Aby says:

    Hi! How long does it take for CGFNS CES to evaluate your credentials? πŸ™‚

  24. grace grande says:

    Hi, I’m currently filling up the CGFNS. I wonder if you have to fill your “Elementary Education”

  25. grace grande says:

    Also, do you just directly gave them your highschool diploma? without any forms? thanks for any help

  26. melissa m says:

    hi ms p.may! Your blog is really helpful! I’m currently processing my ces-cgfns for hawaii.. I’m in u.s so i’ll just ask my friend to process it for me. Question: how much did you pay sa prc for them to mail the docu sa cgfns? Anything else that my friend should bring? i applied using my married name, should i also give them (prc) a copy of my marriage license coz my license has not been updated to my married name yet? Do i need to send her anything like certified true copy of my license (active), certification of passing, board rating etc? or she should just bring the form downloaded at cgfns site? Thanks!

  27. Aj says:

    Hi! got a question here. My school said that it will take 2 weeks (at least) for my request to be completed. Can i go to PRC while my school is processing my request since it is very likely that PRC can send the documents to CGFNS in a faster manner. Is there any order that should be followed to send the documents. Please advise. Thanks a lot!

  28. jong says:

    Hi ms p. What if u r presntly working in uae do u still need to validate ur uae license or prc lang talaga kelangan e validate May idea ka ba regarding this. Hope u can reply. Thank u

  29. Mads says:

    Hi.. i lost my hs diploma.. is it really necessary to provide it? πŸ™

  30. joh says:

    hi there, I am planning to visit alaska next month and also wanted to take NCLEX, i just knew that they are requiring CGFNS, and now i am about to process it by myself, though i am currently working in saudi, now my question is which one do i have to choose is it the professional or academic in CES? and do they need to evaluate also my current license here in saudi or is it ok if its my home license only? thanks

  31. wambui says:

    Hey, i know this is years later after the post but i hope you respond.I have just come from Kenya to Minneapolis but i did not get a license as yet, but i have my BScN degree. Am i wasting my time doing the CES process although minneapolis does not require me to have my local license?

  32. Fairy says:

    hi, I submitted my application to the BON – MI, should I wait for their response before I do the CGNFS? thanks po.

  33. Grace says:

    Hi, Do you know how long is the CGFNS report valid for? does it have an expiration? I had my report done last november but i havent taken my test yet. hopefully i wont have to go through the report all over again.

  34. jay says:

    God day i would like to ask if i could mail my academic record together with my hs diploma or do i need to mail them separately?

  35. thomas says:

    How long does it take for CGFNS to complet the process once they got what they ask for?
    Thank you

  36. Angel says:

    Hi ma’am! I’d just like to ask kung photocopy lang ba ng transcript ang sinubmit mo or yung original pa? Thanks for your article btw. It really helped me get started.

  37. Anna says:

    Good day p-may! I am a nurse too from the Philippines. I hope and I pray that you could still give answers to my questions. Im currently applying CVS in my case bec thats what the NYS BON asked for, I have gone thru the online process and im stuck with the next step. Im quite confused with the step. Should I pay first before sending documents or the other way around? Where can I get or download all these forms? I was able to search for a CVS handbook and there are forms in there, not sure if I could use it coz its quite different from what you have. And last inquiry is the credit card payment form needs the signature of the card holder, the thing is its gonna be my Aunt whos paying for it and shes in New York right now and im in the Ph. Quite confusing eh? Do i need that form together with the other requirements that should be sent?

  38. xina says:

    Hi po. I’d like to ask if i can send my HS diploma together with my academic credentials? Thanks

  39. Raj says:

    Do we have to mail in documents for visa screening certificate or u can scan and e mail? ??

  40. Beau Ty says:

    Help! I do not know what is happening why I cannot pay the application fee for $350. Also I do not know how to erase the prof license during registration. I have been trying to find a way how to pay.

  41. P-May says:

    Hi Joh, you should do the professional one since you’re applying to be an RN here. With regards to your license, I remember going to PRC for forms they need to personally fill out and send to CGFNS. I suggest just go with whatever license you are currently using.

  42. P-May says:

    If the State requires you to go through CGFNS evaluation process, then I believe you are on the right track. I know this is almost a year after your question, but hoping everything is going well with you and your nursing career πŸ™‚

  43. P-May says:

    Hello Fairy, the State BON usually lists requirements they need along with the application. If CGFNS is included then I’d say just go ahead and start with the process.:)

  44. P-May says:

    Hello Grace, sorry but I’m not sure if it does have an expiration or how long. But if you have already submitted it to BON and already gave you ATT then I would say just stick to your ATT expiration. I’m a bit late responding to this comment but I wish you well with your exam and Nursing career πŸ™‚

  45. P-May says:

    If you are talking about the academic record/report from your school then no, you have to send your diploma and other personal files separately. Your school sends your report/filled out paper themselves as this is office to office transaction.

  46. P-May says:

    Hello Thomas, about a month πŸ™‚

  47. P-May says:

    Thanks Angel for the feedback! ^_^ So when you give your school the form that they have to fill out and send to CGFNS, ask them to provide a copy of your transcript. Sila na bahala dun. πŸ˜‰

  48. P-May says:

    Hi Anna, I am not really familiar with CVS. But If I’m right, I think you have to send your payment first so you can access your CGFNS account online and then you can download the forms from your page. As with the credit card payment, maybe you can email your aunt the form, have her print, sign and send it back to you? Hope that your application goes well.

  49. P-May says:

    By academic credentials did you mean transcripts? Your school will have to send it with the request form themselves πŸ™‚

  50. P-May says:

    Hi Raj, I’m not really familiar with the Visa Screen. Perhaps you can call or email them for further instructions.

  51. P-May says:

    You have to download the credit card payment form fill it out and send it to them πŸ˜‰

  52. Camilo says:

    Hi P-May!

    I found this post really useful for my application process to get the CGFNS Credential Evaluation.

    I need to do exactly what you did, but I have a question. Since it is a comprenhensive evaluation of all your studies, do I need to send the syllabus of the courses I took at University? Did you send such documents?

    Thanks a lot!

  53. Feb says:

    Hi i would like to ask if its okay if ill send the cgfns form to my school and prc without the CGFNS ID Number,?

    Though i already paid the CES. Because i dont know how long will it take for me to get those ID number from CGFNS, when i ask them they tould me a wk or 2,

    I dont wanna waste my time either.just waiting for those ID number.

    Thank you for your response!

  54. Feb says:

    Hi i would like to ask if its okay if ill send the cgfns form to my school and prc without the CGFNS ID Number,?

    Though i already paid the CES. Because i dont know how long will it take for me to get those ID number from CGFNS, when i ask them they told me a wk or 2,

    I dont wanna waste my time either.just waiting for those ID number.

    Thank you for your response!

  55. maylinda says:

    hi, it is possible to just send the form to my relatives in phil and she will be the one to bring it to my school? will the school accept the request? or should i really need to send it to them directly from my address here in US? thanks

  56. Komal says:

    Hlo everyone .. i want to know what are things we should include in higher secondary diploma document .

  57. emie says:

    Hi im emie from mississippi! Im really confused kung ano dapat gawin.Registered nurse ako sa pilipinas and gusto ko malaman kung CES or CG exam gagawin ko?.tumawag na ako sa BON depende daw sa cgfns..hope u can help me..thank u

  58. Cherry says:

    Hi Ms. Precious, In CGFNS-CES, it states that you have to mail your forms to your school and prc. So my question is, can my mom mail these forms for me? As I’m currently living in the state and this will save time and money. Thank you so much in advance.

  59. grey_ says:

    Hi! I Also applied for CGFNS-CES report. I went to 2 different schools for my nursing education. My question is, Do I have to write the previous school I attended to or just the nursing school where I graduated and obtained my degree. The grades/transcripts I obtained from my previous nursing school are reflected on the offcial transcript of records from the school where I graduated.
    I hope someone can shed light on this. Thank you very much

  60. Micy says:

    Hi p-may,
    Can i still register on pearsonvue for nclex rn eventhough my ces has already expired? I took the exam twice and failed, and it already consumed the 1year validity and thus, the ces report is valid only for a year right? (Im still applying for the same Bon though for the 3rd time). So can i still register and pay the 200$ exam fee or if i do that will they just deny my registration and forfeit my money? Thanks.

  61. anne says:

    Hi. My sister needs me to request a certificate of license verification. Would I be able to get it for her in PRC Baguio? She had her license from PRC Lucban. Help pls πŸ™‚ <3

  62. Cruz says:

    Hi. How are you? I’m currently on cgfns registration in order to apply for CES but always shown error when I submit due to my last name “de la Cruz”. Invalid characters was always been the error. Can you help with this miss? Badly need help to anybody who had same case. Thank you!

  63. Tenzin says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam,

    I have been wanting to fill the online application for CGFNS but I am having some difficulties with the procedure. The form requires me to fill my first (given ) name, middle name and last (family/surname) name; the first and last name being mandatory to fill. I am a Tibetan and I don’t have a passport like all other Tibetans. For us, we have an “Identity certificate” that works as our travelling document. So in my Identity Certificate my given name is Tenzin Zompa and the column for surname is left blank because I don’t have a surname. So, I am left in confusion as to how i can fill the personal details for the CGFNS application. There must be some way for people with no surname to fill the form. Should I fill my name Tenzin Zompa in the first (given) name column n fill the last (family/surname) name as N/A? Is that acceptable? Because that matches with my “Identity Certificate” since i dont have a surname or should I fill Tenzin as my first (given) name and Zompa as my last (family/surname) name which doesn’t match with my “Identity Certificate”?
    Your help and guidance will be much appreciated.

  64. Carol says:

    Hi. I would kindly like to hear from Wambui . Am also from Kenya and did my BSN but would like more info from you on how you did with CGFNS credential

  65. Jela says:

    Hi Ms P.
    I badly need your help, Grumaduate ako sa Pinas last year (2016) tapos di nako nag PNLE kasi sabi ng ate ko (USRN sa Ca) di na raw kailangan yun, since us cit kami, kaya dumiretso nako dito sa Nevada.. Tanong ko lang pano gagawin lahat ng yan, like CGFNS, may inutusan lang ako sa pinas na pwede mag process ng papers kaso paano, san ako mag sisimula ? sorry medyo wala kasi talaga akong alam sa mga gagawin. pero if may time ka , can i have your email? need your help πŸ™ mag aapply palang ako ngayon and i dont know where to start.. medyo slow ako so please help me pag may oras ka..

  66. mmar says:

    Thank you so much for posting about your experience. It is extremely helpful. I would just like to ask if it’s correct to:
    1st Take IELTS (English Proficiency Exam)
    2nd Register and pay for CGFNS evaluation.
    3rd Apply and pay BON of choice only after completing CGFNS evaluation.
    I’m just a little confused. I was hoping you could help me out. Thanks again.

  67. James lianzo says:

    I would be much thankful if you can help me out by giving suggestion,
    1)the CGFNS got the CES application form and transcript from college on 14 February 2017,
    2)I got an email on 28 feb. 2017 saying
    …valid seal was not provided
    ….Valid signature was not provided
    And I called the CGFNS they told me they had sent the “REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE ” form by email and mail to the college ID and address.
    But so far the college has not received any email regarding the above request for assistance form.
    I’ve been replied back each day from the college saying they didn’t received any email. Inspire of checking all the inbox/junk/spam folders,
    What am I going to do now please do help me out by giving suggestion what to do next.
    Is the CGFNS do really sent the email and post mail to the college about request for assistance application.
    I am RN (BSN) from India since 2011, and migrated to USA last year November 2011.

    Thank you

  68. Sassy simon says:

    My visa screen had expired before I was able to get a job as RN in US. A year after I got to US and got married to my US citizen boyfriend, I applied for CES REPORT from CGFNS in even my visa screen has expired. They asked me to apply for another set of license verification and school academic records from the Philippines. my license verification was received and accepted by CGFNS. The following month, my school transcript was received but rejected by CGFNS. They sent me an email that they rejected my transcript because of missing school seal. I emailed my school about it and they said that they made sure that all documents sent have school seal. My representative had sent me photocopies of the school transcript which has obviously have school seal in each page whereas the CES application filled-out by my school have school dry which didnt show in the photocopy. I called CGFNS and clarified with them of the email they sent me. They said it is not the school seal that has a problem but the school registrar signature. I called them few days after to know the real problem, and they said they sent a postal mail to my school to verify my school valid seal and does not necessarily mean that my transcript does not have school seal. It’s been weeks now and my school has not received the mail that CGFNS has sent. I’m worried that it might take months before my school receive it or worse it will be lost and never be delivered. I am not really sure if CGFNS sent the letter to my school with regular or standard mail (probably USPS) which will take long time before it will be delivered to the recipient. I heard so many negative stuff about the USPS counterpart in the Philippines because it is accordingly not as reliable as the USPS. Mails are sometimes lost or the envelop is open, delivered for 2-3 months to the recipient-even longer or never be delivered.

  69. Fritz says:

    Hello, I just found your blog and man, it’s very helpful. I have a question, though. With regards to mailing the high school diploma, did you still ask for your high school institution to fill in the request for validation form or you just mailed your verified diploma copy alone? Thanks in advance.

  70. Amirmo says:

    Hi Ms. P-May, i found that your posted looks very helpful, I just have one question, I graduated BSN in the Philippines but i don’t have any local license, i am applying for LVN in California the BVNPT required me to get evaluated by CGFNS so i applied for CES Professional Report, after a month they’ve sent me an email they asked what’s the reason i am not a licensed in the Philippines, so i told them the truth, my question, are they going to denied my application if i don’t have a license from the Philippines? Is it really required?

  71. ghudzmumu23 says:

    hello, can i use my debit card on paying cgfns-ces?

  72. ELLA says:

    Hi Ms P-May,
    Do you have an idea-if the school was closed. What will be the requirement of cgfns?
    Thank you so much.

  73. Kay says:

    Hello po, ask ko lang hindi na po ba kayo kumuha ng qualifying exam ng cgfns? Nag aapply din po kasi ako ngayon and it sooo happened na sa Alaska din ang target state ko, please please help. THank you and God bless!

  74. Geanne says:

    Hi P-May! I found your post very informative. As I was applying for CES, I accidentally made a mistake on the education section, and I couldn’t find a way to delete it. Do you have any info as to how to correct it? I emailed CGFNS already and I hope they would reply soon, so I can start with my application with BON. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  75. Geanne says:

    Hi P-May! I found your post very informative. As I was applying for CES, I accidentally made a mistake on the education section, and I couldn’t find a way to delete it. Do you have any info as to how to correct it? I emailed CGFNS already and I hope they would reply soon, so I can start with my application with BON. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  76. P-May says:

    Hi Geanne, try calling their number. They usually respond faster that way. Good luck!

  77. P-May says:

    Hello Kay, as far as I know Alaska BON only requires the CGFNS CES, no need for the qualifying exam. I haven’t checked their site/requirements since I had my application. HOpefully they haven’t changed it.

  78. P-May says:

    I’m sorry, I have no idea. πŸ™ Try calling CGFNS dear

  79. P-May says:

    yes, you can use debit or credit card

  80. P-May says:

    Hello Amirmo, sorry to say I’m not really familiar with LVN application and California BON regulations. Personally, I would say it doesn’t matter if you are licensed in the Philippines or not, if you pass their licensure exam then you’re fit to be an LVN. Just fight for it!

  81. P-May says:

    Thanks Fritz! I don’t remember requesting my HS institution for a validation. It was my Nursing College that I did it with. I just had my HS diploma notarized.

  82. P-May says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your complicated situation, as well as responding late. Hopefully everything’s taken care of by now? Good luck on your application!

  83. P-May says:

    Hello James, sorry to hear about this. looks like your case isn’t the only one, as I have another similar comment from sassy Simon. From my experience,it does take a while for international mails to reach their destinations, but they do arrive. Just don’t stop calling bot the CGFNS and school for updates, every now and then. Good luck!

  84. P-May says:

    Hello Mmar! Yes, to all three! But if you are short of time, you can also start applying for BON and CGFNS at the same time.

  85. P-May says:

    Sorry to check on your comments just now, been really busy too. If you can add me on FB so you can message me there. Thank you and good luck!

  86. P-May says:

    Hello Tenzin, I am as clueless as you πŸ™ Did you try calling CGFNS about your situation yet?

  87. P-May says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you can type it without spaces? delaCruz? Maybe try calling them too to see if they’ll accept that. good luck!

  88. P-May says:

    Hello Carol! Thanks for the support all the way from Wambui! Kindly refer to the blog post. Also if you have any other questions just feel free to comment. Thank yoU!

  89. P-May says:

    Hello Ms Anne, I’m thinking they MIGHT have access to all licenses. Just try giving them a call beforehand πŸ™‚

  90. P-May says:

    Does that BON require CGFNS CES? If so, and judging from your experience, I would suggest you finish the CES first before applying/paying any fee to BON. Good luck!

  91. P-May says:

    I would say just give it to the school where you graduated since their transcript reflect the ones from your previous school. Good luck!

  92. P-May says:

    Yes she can! πŸ™‚

  93. P-May says:

    HIndi clear yung sagot nila sa yo, pati ako na-confuse girl πŸ™‚ What are your BON’s requirements ba? does it say the exam? or just credentials evaluation?

  94. P-May says:

    I believe your relatives can do it πŸ™‚

  95. P-May says:

    I’m not sure if I did have the same problem before, but I would suggest waiting for the number. You see once your school forwards the papers to CGFNS without the number on it, Batman knows how long it will take them to process it. Also try to call CGFNS to see if they can give your number then.

  96. P-May says:

    I believe I did. And if I remember it right, it was mostly the nursing courses/subjects that were given by my college of nursing

  97. P-May says:

    I just sent my High School Diploma πŸ™‚

  98. salim says:

    Hi. Am Salim from Nigeria. How long did it take cgfns to evaluate your credentials when they received all the necessary documents?

  99. salim says:

    It’s Salim again. I mean for the CES professional report

  100. Shay says:

    Hi, everybody, I received results of CGFNS evaluation and it said I have deficiency in clinical practice in Psychiatric mental health nursing (excluding neurology)
    What is next step? I should ask Board of Nursing in SC or I should go to the University in here and take this course?

  101. Helen Green says:

    Hi there, P-May! I hope you are still answering questions, given that it is year 2018 now. You are indeed precious by helping your kababayans this way! My niece registered at CGFNS and paid. That was on March 20. Until now, she has not received any acknowledgment of her payment and the email application that she sent. How long a wait before she can receive and acknowledgment from CGFNS? I am in the USA and tried to call CGFNS for her but they need authorization from her. So I read the authorization form where it says that by signing off, she will be waving her right to hear directly from GCFNS. This is a little confusing as she needs also to hear from her. Any ideas? Thank you much!

  102. Chicky says:

    Hi Good Day,
    I am glad to stumble in your blog. I would like to know if I need to do the same thing regarding my license in Saudi. I am registered health practitioner there also and I work as nurse and my license says technician nurse. Do I need to have them do the same thing? I left my job already and currently here in the Philippines. I hope to receive a response soon. Thank You

  103. Cherry Pelegrino says:

    Hi my PRC id is expired can I still apply CGFNs CES? thanks

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