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    Posted on September 25, 2012 by P-May in About Us.

    This is a personal weblog. Any information contained herein is solely based on my opinion and creative imagination (unless otherwise stated – for contributed articles). Should any of the writings affect you in any way.. Congratulations! You’re a human being capable of emotions! But well, this weblog is created to express, beautify and visually share notable moments in my not-so-smooth-yet-colourful adventures in life, as well as personal insights regarding certain topics. The main goal is to inspire readers/viewers, the way I inspire my husband (which i claim i do!!!! ;p).

    The fact that I’d been a goddess in my past life doesn’t have anything to do with my reincarnation as a perfectly imperfect mortal being today, so please be informed that I may keep updating old posts from time to time, not bound to explicitly state all corrections made. The authors shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience to any party from such unintentional errors and significant changes. Moreover, we are neither responsible nor in control of the contents of any outside links.

    Comments are welcome. Feel free to share your thoughts on the posts and pages. Though likes and loves are highly recommended, constructive criticisms are also wholeheartedly accepted ^_^   It is your obligation however to keep them free from profane and abusive words. Should you wish to deviate from this golden rule of mine, fine! Just wanna let you know that I reserve the right to throw junks into the trash bin.. The last laugh’s still mine!! Bwahahaha!! ;p

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